Latest Loves: Leather.

I love leather. But not in some creepy 50 Shades of Grey way. In the normal, absolutely head over heels in love with the whole look of leather on my clothing. That’s normal…right?

Latest Loves Leather

{ 1. Free People, Nordstrom } { 2. J.Crew } { 3. Forever 21 } { 4. Guess } { 5. Asos } { 6. Topshop }

Whether it’s your trusty leather jacket, or the perfect leather boots- leather [or faux] is in for fall. I’ve been loving all of the leather accented pieces seen in stores [J.Crew had me dying at all of their leather!] I already have my favorite leather jacket, but I’m still looking for the perfect leather skirt [who would have ever thought I’d say that]. What’s your go to leather piece?

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