Makeup Monday: October 14.

The first official Makeup Monday post. Makeup Monday is going to be on Monday [no duh] and it’s going to be any post that has to do with makeup [no duh]. This Makeup Monday is all about my recent product obsessions/everyday makeup. So let’s do this.

Makeup Monday 1014 Post

First off, my face obsessions. Tarte BB Tinted Primer and Jouer Matte Moisture Tint [mini size which is freaking adorable]. These have been the staple of my face makeup for about 2 weeks now and I need to talk about it. It legit makes your makeup stay on all day. The primer makes my skin feel so silky smooth. It also has a little bit of color/coverage which has been great because my skin has been hating me lately [redness and breakouts galore]. The matte moisture tint by Jouer is my newest favorite “foundation”. The consistency is almost of a whipped foundation which keeps it light on your skin, but the coverage is similar to a full coverage foundation. And it stays matte all day. Like I said, my skin has been hating me lately, and with that comes random oily skin- like what?- but with these two products it’s kept my skin looking flawless [looking flawless, not actually being flawless].

Now onto eye basics. Eyeliner is a basic too, but I wanted to separate these for some reason. Urban Decay Naked Basics PaletteSigma Brow Powder Duo, and Buxom Lash Mascara. I’ve talked about all of these so much that it’s no surprise they are in my everyday makeup routine as well as my obsessions. They’re perfect.

Moving onto eye liner. Tarte Inner Rim Liner [I can’t find a link to this I think because I got it in an exclusive QVC kit] and Kat Von D Saint Liner. I love defining my eyes and this duo is my current favorite. The Kat Von D Saint Liner has a thin felt tip which makes application way easier for me and is the perfect width for my winged liner. It also stays black all day without smudging on me. Speaking of not smudging- Tarte Inner Rim Liner. No smudging. No budging. Stays put. On your waterline and tightline. Yes. End of story.

Finally, lips. Jouer Lipstick in Lana. I’ve talked about bold lips/red lips almost every day on this blog and this is my secret weapon for the perfect red lip [for me]. Jouer has created a method that you can follow to find your perfect red shade and for my cooler complexion and darker features, this was my perfect red. It has enough of a berry tint to it that it softens the look which makes me a lot more comfortable with the brighter color. My other concerns with red lips is that my lips are going to look blah [that’s an adjective, right?]. These are so incredibly hydrating which makes your red lips all the more kissable. And if you’re dying over trying the formula but dying at the idea of wearing a red lip, they have a ton more colors [Meg is another one of my favorites- a simple nude pink].

And that finishes the first ever Makeup Monday! See, it wasn’t that bad [hopefully]. Let me know in a comment what suggestions you have for other Makeup Monday posts, or any other post! Love y’all so much.

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 10.01.04 PM

4 responses to “Makeup Monday: October 14.

  1. you are so incredibly pretty. I wish I could apply make-up as you do. and I wish we would have all that stuff where I live. anyways. lovely blog post. And I love your new blog!

  2. I think it would be great if you posted swatches of the products or at least took a picture with the lipstick and naked basics palette open.

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