Fall Nail Polish: 2013 Trends.

Fall Nails Blog

Leaves are changing colors, sweaters are being taken out of boxes, ‘Leaves’ candles are being lit. It’s Autumn in the beauty world and that simple change of months means a whole new nail polish scene.

Rich, bold reds: Plum, “oxblood”, red. All those.

A Twist on Neutrals: Neutrals are my favorite colors for real life. Like no longer is my favorite color in life pink, it’s now grey, black, and white- and sparkles. So when they are combined together, it’s perfect #sorrynotsorry

Navy and Blue: Pretty much any shade of blue.

Nudes: Nudes are always popular [get your mind out of the gutter].

Taupe: I love grey nails but sometimes you want to class them up a bit…I feel like taupe is a classy version of grey…right?

If you want to know specifically which colors I’m going to be loving this fall, make sure you watch my new video! And be sure to let me know what your must have nail polish is for this fall [despite the fact that I have way too many nail polishes, I can always use more 😉 ]

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 10.01.04 PM

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