Get The Look: Lauren Conrad.

GetTheLook, Lauren Conrad, TitleThe newly engaged it girl is known for her impeccable style, flawless hair, and ‘glow from within’ makeup. The bubbly reality star/fashion mogul/author/blogger/everything in between is the inspiration for this week’s Get The Look. Lauren Conrad.

GetTheLook Lauren Conrad Main

Lauren Conrad’s signature makeup look is a winged liner with a pop of color on the lips. She has a flawless complexion and always seems to be glowing. The best part of her look is that it’s so simple to achieve, yet it’s perfect for all occasions. To give a more natural daytime look, change out the pop of color on the lips for a more medium toned pink. And if you want to transform into a fabulous nighttime look, switch to a nude, glossy lip and add a bit more mascara to really define and enhance the eyes.

Lauren Conrad 2

So tell me, who’s your go to celebrity inspiration? For me, Lauren Conrad is my inspiration for everything- fashion, beauty, career, life. I love how she’s stayed so true to herself, and she really shows that if you work hard enough, you can achieve everything you want [my career role model is Lauren Conrad- I want to build an empire similar to hers, but bigger 😉 ]. And the Hills is my guilty pleasure [Justin Bobby, a man so great he needed two names…I die].

And let me know who you want to see on future Get the Looks [makeup], or Steal her Style [fashion]. I have been loving all the comments y’all have been leaving me. It’s like our own little family here on this blog. Love y’all so much ❤

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6 responses to “Get The Look: Lauren Conrad.

  1. Kacey, you should do Get The Look posts for some of your favorite country singers like Carrie Underwood! I would really enjoy that! Keep up the great work on your blog! ❤

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