Hearts of the Week #2: October 19.

Hearts of the Week Title

Week 2 of blogging is complete. And the great thing is- I’m still loving it. So let’s get right into this weeks’ other loves.

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Heart: Working. Lolz. No one ever likes working, but this week I started my internship, and I love it so much. I really like learning, once again- I’m weird, but I like learning new things and I like learning from other people. I have only worked 3 days so come back to me in a couple weeks after I’ve been working for a bit longer.

[Hate: There’s going to be another hate is going to be in here again, but LA traffic. I hate it. It took me 2 hours to drive 10 miles. On the freeway. It should have taken me maybe, 15 minutes tops. Like no. 2 hours is not okay.]

Heart: Gossip Girl. I know, it seems like all I do is work, eat, sleep, and watch TV. But it’s true, that’s all I do. Like for real. So Gossip Girl has been my obsession since I finished Hart of Dixie last week. Yes, I already know who Gossip Girl is, but that doesn’t stop me from watching the series from the beginning. Like why can’t I be Blair Waldorf?  Or have Serena’s style and confidence? Or have Chuck Bass? Questions.

Heart: Jouer Cosmetics. I got the chance to visit the Jouer Cosmetics headquarters this past week and oh my goodness. Can I just say, this is any makeup junkies dream. So many gorgeous products and I am one who loves looking at a lot of things that look the same [is that weird? Like, I like packaging to look sleek, and having a whole lot of really classy looking things lined up makes me happy…] It was so much fun to chat with Meg from Jouer and learn all about the brand and their journey. Also, I came home with quite the goodie bag, I will be talking about some products in the future because I can already list a few new favorites.

What have you been loving this week? Makeup, fashion, TV, life, anything. I hope y’all had a great and safe week, and have a fabulous weekend ❤

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