Get the Look: Blake Lively

GTL Blake Title

Blake Lively is a classic beauty. Her sophisticated yet stylish look is a constant inspiration for me, especially now leading into the fall and winter seasons. I have been obsessed with the white and black trend [is that even a trend? I like the lack of color, whatever] and this is such a perfect transition outfit for my work days to shopping in the evening or a dinner, or even the fancy events I’ve been invited to [like what, what is my life??].

GTL Blake Blog

1. Silk Blouse, $90 {J. Crew}

2. Lacquered Boomerang Necklace, $8.90 {Forever 21}

3. Tuxedo Stripe Trousers, $15 {Forever 21}

4. Classic Stiletto Sandals, $29.80 {Forever 21}

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 10.01.04 PM

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