Weekly Wishes: October 23.

Weekly Wishes 1023 Title

Weekly wishes #2. And this time, we’re being superficial and materialistic as opposed to last week’s mega cheesy post. I always have a lot of things on my wish list, but sometimes there are certain things that really stand out. This week, there have been three things I am absolute obsessed with/need to get my hands on before I pass out from excitement.

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1. J. Crew Leather Tuxedo Pixie Pant. Like I’m sorry. The ever so fabulous J.Crew Pixie pants, updated for this fall’s leather trend? If that doesn’t sound absolutely perfect and make you want to go buy them right now [the price will deter you, just a fair warning], I don’t know what will.

2. Statement Necklaces. Since moving to LA, my style has evolved a bit. I’ve found that I have a need for fancier/more business casual attire- even during the day- everyone has their fashion game stepped up a bit here. But, as much as I would like to, my wallet doesn’t want to buy me a whole new wardrobe fit for this new look, so I’ve had to update what I have. One way I’ve been liking to do this is by pairing my simple tops and dresses, with a statement necklace. I have a couple, however I def need to expand my jewelry collection [especially the statement pieces].

3. An Armchair. I guess you know you’re growing up when your wish list contains furniture. My apartment is very minimalistic [who likes spending money on furniture when you could buy more shoes]. And slowly it’ll come together, but I’m working on it one room at a time. My closet and bathroom are complete to my liking, my bedroom is getting there, and my living/dining area is far from complete. I figure finishing my bedroom makes the most sense, and I am dying to put a comfy luxe armchair in the corner near my window. I have a lot of space in my room [in comparison to my tiny room from home], so it’s crazy to think that I’d have space for more than a bed and a desk/vanity- but in my new room I have so much more space for activities- and an armchair so I can sit by my window staring at the LA traffic, pondering my life…or whatever.

So that’s what made it into this week’s list. What have you been lusting over? And is it weird to put an armchair in a bedroom? I don’t know. Lemme know. Love y’all ❤

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 10.01.04 PM

4 responses to “Weekly Wishes: October 23.

  1. It’s absolutely not weird to put an arm chair in the bedroom!!! And the ones you picked out are absolutely gorgeous! May I ask where they are from?? I’m looking for one just like it for my own place!!

    PS: love your blog! Maybe you can check mine out and follow if you like it??

    xoxo, Laura

  2. I love the “Stepbrothers” reference! Congrats on everything, you’re doing a fabulous job! I have been lusting over the leather pixie pants for weeks, I just can’t justify it! I also think an armchair in your room would be cute:)

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