Latest Loves: Club Monaco.

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I may have found my new favorite store. I’ve seen this store before but always thought it was too “old” for me. And maybe I’m just getting old, or my style is evolving to be “older”, or maybe my impression of this store was completely wrong- but Club Monaco is definitely a store you need to check out.

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I’ve stated before that my style has evolved a bit since moving to LA. It’s become a bit more polished and sophisticated, perhaps a bit older. Last year my go to look was very casual- jeans with boots, and some sort of baggy sweater. This year I’ve updated my flat boots to a heeled booty [I’ll still break out the boots once in a while, but I love having the extra height], and my jeans to a nicer pant/fancy legging. My baggy sweater still makes an appearance, however I have incorporated more tailored pieces and more “business casual” tops. It’s not too much of a change, but it has had me wanting to buy new pieces to fit the “fancier” style I’ve been sporting.

And this is where we lead into my latest love, Club Monaco. Lauren Elizabeth first introduced me to Club Monaco and I must admit, I laughed when she suggested we go there- I thought it was a store meant for the 35 year old trophy wifes going to the country club. But the minute we stepped into the store, I knew it was love. Neutral colors, classic silhouettes, and leather accents everywhere. The first time I went, I just looked- no buying but had a lot of things on my wish list. I went back a week later and made my purchase [and for all you students out there, if you show your student ID card, you get a 10% discount!].

I’m a very “savvy” shopper. I go to “discount” stores [Forever 21, H&M, Target, etc] for my trend pieces and splurge on my basics. Club Monaco is a bit of a higher end shopping store and the prices do make my wallet cry, but the quality of the pieces you can get shows the price. And the clothing isn’t too basic where you’re wondering why you are spending so much for such a simple piece [I got the most perfect leggings/pants that I will be talking about in a future post, legit I live in them].

So what have you been loving lately? Any stores I just have to try out now that I have a new business casual attire? 😉 Love y’all so much ❤

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