[Pin]spiration: Black&White for Fall.

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If there was a term for “lack of color in wardrobe”, that would describe me. I have separated my closet into two sections: light neutrals, and dark neutrals. There are a few splashes of color (mainly reserved for the summertime when it’s not socially acceptable to wear all black), but the majority of it remains in the two categories. This fall my wardrobe has made an even more drastic split thanks to Pinterest and my current love for all things black&white.

Pinterest 1028 Post1

Pinterest has given me a love for simplicity, and that is the easiest way to describe this trend for fall. Basic colors, simple silhouettes, mixed with unique textures. Think classy young lady strolling in New York City in late September, that’s my current Pinspiration style.

Pinspiration 1028 Post 2

{1. alice + olivia Fizer Box Pleat Skirt, $242}

{2. Lindy Paneled Legging, $149.50}

{3. Fine-Knit Sweater, $14.95}

{4. Night Moves Peep Toe Stiletto, $32.80}

So let me know, what’s the best way to describe your fall style? I’d say mine is “Lack of Color/Pinterest Chic/Wishing I were stylish but not being but whatever”.

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 10.01.04 PM

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