October 2013: Monthly Favorites

Another month has come and gone, and in the beauty guru (booty gahroo) world, that means it’s time for this month’s favorites. Everything we’ve been absolutely obsessing over, all in one video- and now in my case, in one post.

October Favorites Title

The lucky thing is, I’ve been doing weekly favorites on this blog, so y’all can see those here, here, and here. But, there are still some things that made my absolute month long favorites- some may have been mentioned previously, and some may be brand new to you! But, without further ado, here are my October Favorites.

October Favorites Main

A look inside my month, via Instagram.

1. Los Angeles- This had to make my monthly favorites, as it has been a favorite of mine since I moved here. I am loving the change of pace. Moving from a small town, I was scared- but the city has been surprisingly welcoming to me! I’ve been keeping busy with work and my internship and I think this was the right move for me. And the shopping/food/people have made it a lot better as well 😉

2. Gossip Girl- Already mentioned in a previous post, but Gossip Girl has been my TV obsession of the month. I’ve been watching it on Netflix [currently on Season 5, eeeek!] and loving it. I already know who Gossip Girl is, but it’s still fun to watch the show, knowing how it’s going to turn out.

3. A Life That’s Good (ft. Lennon and Maisy) from Nashville Season 2- I have yet to see the show (I know, what is wrong with me?!), but this song was on the iTunes Country Top 100 radio and I fell in love. It’s been on repeat for at least a week (and that is enough to make it a favorite for me- I normally get bored of songs after about 2 days). It’s the perfect country song for fall- slow enough like the sad songs I like to listen to, but also country- which y’all know I can’t get enough of. So there’s that. It’s perfect.

4. You- Obvies y’all are my absolute favorites for the month. Like honestly, blogging and my new “blogging family” (aka you guys) has been such a fun new addition for the month and I am so happy that I decided to start. I’ve been loving reading all your comments (yes, I read them!! I have yet to figure out how to reply or do anything with them, but I read them all!!) and I’m loving the support and positive feedback I’ve been receiving, so thank you!!

That’s it for now, I hope y’all enjoyed reading about my favorites for the month, let me know in a comment what you’ve been loving (this blog- hint, hint). And be sure you watched my beauty favorites on YouTube! If you did, go and leave a comment saying “You know you love me”. It’ll be a fun little secret amongst all of us in this blog family ❤

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 10.01.04 PM

3 responses to “October 2013: Monthly Favorites

  1. I’m glad that you’re loving blogging so much! It’s a whole different world from YouTube but it’s something that I’ve become extremely passionate about- and it seems like you are too! ❤


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