Everyday Fall Hair Routine.

Everday Fall Hair TitleNovember means sweaters, riding boots, and my favorite pair of jeans. And what better way to finish off this comfy yet chic fall look, then with the perfect fall hair routine.

I use my Babyliss Pro 1/5″ Ceramic Curling Iron to achieve these loose, effortless “curls”. The curling technique takes maybe 15 minutes [and I have a lot of hair…like I mean a lot] and lasts all day. This is a great routine for 2nd day hair, as the curls tend to hold better in “dirty” hair. To finish off the look I use my BigSexyHair volumizing hairspray and scrunch this into my hair to give a very windblown look to it [this is great because as the day goes on and my hair gets more ratchet looking, I can just tousle it up a bit more to calm it down!]

Make sure you’ve seen my most recent video [actually showing you how I do my everyday hair] and leave me a comment with what you think! Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 10.01.04 PM

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